Board of Directors

Najah Walton

Najah (she/her) is a 2nd year Neuroscience PhD student at Tufts University-Boston. One of her goals as director is to increase NE GWiSE involvement of those underrepresented in STEM. Through these efforts it is her hope that NE GWiSE will provide an inclusive and extensive network for women throughout as well as beyond their graduate education. Outside of studying and running experiments, Najah is involved in several on campus student groups and loves exploring the beauty of Boston. Feel free to connect with her on linkedin!

Roya Huang

Roya (she/they) grew up in California and studied chemistry and biology at Williams College. They are currently a fourth year PhD student in the Harvard MCO program and their work combines cell biology, development, and engineering to study stem cell differentiation and tissue geometry. Roya is passionate about science, gender diversity in STEM, and environmental justice issues. Outside of NE GWiSE, she is involved in Harvard’s LGBTQ@GSAS.

Nianci Lyu

Nianci (she/her) was born and raised in mainland China. She attended the George Washington University with majors in International Affairs and Economics. She is currently pursuing Master’s degrees in Quantitative Economics (Tufts University) and Data Science (Harvard University). Nianci believes that students from all backgrounds despite color, ethnicity, gender and class should have equal opportunity in pursuing their goals in science. She is passionate about bringing more diversity to the STEM community and helping underrepresented groups to get their voice heard.

Shrav Kakarla

Shrav (she/her) is a 5th year doctoral candidate at Northeastern; her research involves 3D printing of highly aligned collagen, with applications in collagenous structure repair (e.g. tendon damage, cornea replacement). Her favourite moments with NE-GWISE include the initial conceptional meetings which were charged with a sense of excitement and hearing Nina Dudnik energize the EBoard with a sense of mission. She feels that NE-GWISE is just getting started and is excited to be part of it!

Molly Bird

Molly (she/her) is a 6th year Biological Engineering PhD Candidate at MIT. She has been involved with NE GWiSE from the very beginning as a member of the founding board. This is her fourth year on the executive committee. She is passionate about tackling many issues facing women in STEM, but in particular, she is passionate about facilitating change in the areas of sexual harassment, attrition rates in Higher Ed, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.