2019 Summer Retreat Program

The timetable and workshop details of our 2019 summer retreat event is finally out!

Check out our squad of power speakers — from this event you will learn how to address implicit bias, how to be a good peer mentor, how to improve accessibility at the workplace, and many more! There is no reason to skip this fantastic opportunity. Oh and did we mention that the event is FREE ?? Sign up at bit.ly/30EToe1


Workshop A: Inclusive Peer Mentorship

Graduate students face unique challenges in the lab and in their life. Many schools offer counseling and reporting services, but they are often strained and hard to access. Sackler Resources for Easing Stress & Friction (sREFS) aims to provide a peer resource for graduate students in any sort of need. We have trained each other in conflict resolution, stress management, reporting resources, and mental health management. This workshop will teach you how to be a good peer mentor and resources while introducing the sREFS program.

Workshop B: Implicit Bias and Microaggressions: Identifying and Confronting Them

Each one of us holds biases that impact our day to day lives as well as our interpersonal relationships. While inherently this is not problematic, when our implicit biases turn into microaggressions or when we are on the receiving end of microaggressions, bias becomes behaviorally malignant. In this workshop we explore the foundations of implicit bias, how they influence microaggressions, and how we can address individual and institutional implicit bias.

Workshop C: Disability Inclusion in Academia and STEM

This session will focus on reframing societal norms around disability and examining ways in which access can be created in the college environment. Topics covered include universal design, shifting from the medical model to the social model of disability, accommodations and access barriers in higher education, discovering hidden biases, and ways to promote inclusion in STEM majors. Some small group interaction will be included, and participants are asked to share and think critically about their own experiences.

Workshop D: Understanding Implicit Bias

Are you curious to learn more about implicit bias? Could your department or institution benefit from heightened awareness of the ways implicit bias affects our relationships and decision-making? This one-hour interactive workshop will help participants have an understanding of the implicit biases we all carry and some strategies to manage them.​


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