To the NE GWiSE Community: 

We stand in solidarity with the Black community and all those protesting in New England and across the country. Science and engineering are not apolitical; we must support our Black community and fight against systems built on their oppression in order to build truly equitable institutions. 

To our Black community members: We support you. Please know you have a home in NE GWiSE and are in our thoughts. 

To all those protesting: We support you. Please take precautions to remain safe, mentally and physically. 

To all our community members: We support you. Please take care of yourself and one another. 

NE GWiSE is an alliance between GWISE groups from universities across New England. We are joining together to support and celebrate women and gender minorities in STEM fields, to increase awareness of the issues we face, and create change within our community. We support ideas and actions to increase diverse gender representation in STEM departments, create fair and positive workplace environments, increase the support and mentorship students receive, and enact equitable university and federal policies. Through advocacy, diversity, outreach efforts, and networking opportunities, as well as collective actions and supporting developing GWISE groups, NE GWiSE works to advance policies and programs across New England to promote equality and improve the experience of students. All members of the graduate community are welcome to become NE GWiSE members and attend our events.